Kris Antal - Racing is My Art


Kris Antal is a modern age race car driver. He is not the "rich parents boy" and learnt everything on the hard way to become a racing driver and a highly skilled mechanical designer. He lived at many places of the Earth including lately in the most prestigious Monaco. He studied as a technician and learnt the most advanced car engineering skills as well. Works on CAD and Robots with the newest and most sophisticated materials.

After prosperous years with touring cars and F3 style cars he was very close to become a Formula 1 driver and also got proposals from Indycar teams. When he realized his dream depends only on money he turned his back to the sport and started to develop racing cars and sports cars. As latest he become Factory driver of Team Osella on the European Hill Climb Championship as well.

"Racing is my art" - he says. And yes he developed his personality thru racecar driving. He has a very humble personality and very high social intelligence beside his technical skills. He is very good in product development, marketing planning and PR relations as well.

"No matter what you do, you must be an artist of it. Art of design, art of love, no matter, it must come from the very bottom of your heart" - he says.

Beside his professional career he is a vegetarian, and a strong believer who loves animals and nature. He travelled around the Earth from Asia to the Southern most point of the American Continent, his personality is influenced by many cultures. He loves Indian food and the humble people.

Some quotes from Kris:

Who loves you?

- Who would donate an organ for you.
- Who would share a home and life with you and would support you if there is any need.
- Who sees your weakness but still see you as a whole person and helps you to become the Best You.

Who and what you love?
- You would die for.

Learn something today, and share something today! Every day!